sgraffito commissions

Over the years I have been asked to create many different and interesting commissions. Some customers have been very specific about what they want and others have given me an idea and asked me to run with it. This comes down to personal choice and I'm happy to create new pieces in either way.

I work with you very closely making sure that both you and I are on the same page as far as design size and achievable colours go. I usually create line drawings first and once these are confirmed I go on to make a watercolour which you get to keep once the commission is completed. 

I have on occasions make small tests showing the excact colours the slips will fire too and posted these for approval. I'm happy to do this as it can save any confusion down the line but obviously would be an added cost.

We can have as much or as little contact as you feel you want during the design process and once I'm ready to start on the final piece I will always double check to make sure we are both happy.

Pricing varies greatly so I'm unable to give you an estimate until we have discussed what your interested in. Please do get in touch for a chat to find out more about commissioning a unique sgraffito piece.

Rose of Sharon commission

rose of sharon sgraffito drawings

Earlier this year I was asked to create a large vessel decoarted with the flower Rose of sharon and common blue butterflies. I loved designing and creating this sgraffito piece and my customer was very happy. I felt the blues and yelows worked really well together and above you can see the drawings and watercolour I created as well as the final piece after firing below.

rose of sharon and blue butterfly's sgraffito piece