Two Hummingbirds ceramic wall hanging

£40.00 On Sale

This wall hanging was created as a test for a larger piece so is not as flat or as clean as my full priced pieces.

It has no potters mark on the back and the slip is not very dark on the branch between the birds which is why it is going on sale.

This piece has been thrown on the wheel, left to slightly dry and then goes through many different techniques using drawing, carving, clay slips and sgraffito to create the intricate designs onto the damp clay surface, this takes many hours and no two pieces will ever look the same.

Once completed the piece is left to dry and fired in an electric kiln during which I selectively glaze the main themes leaving the rest of the surface matt.
All of my wall hangings have a disc hanger attached to the back as well as four felt feet.

This piece is a second and on sale at over 50% off the normal price and has no potters mark on the back
This piece measures 14.5cm across / 0.5cm deep

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