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Five Fantailed fish ceramic sgraffito wall art


This wall art piece is an earlier example of my sgraffito work.
It has been thrown on the wheel using a very white stoneware clay and while still damp coloured clay slips have been applied to the surface. I have then taken a sharp tool and drawn the outline of the fish and water-lily flowers and carved back the clay surface creating lovely 3D effect.

The decoration on the fish and flowers have been drawn on using a technique called sgraffito with extra colours being added to highlight the flowers and fish bodies. Only the fish have been glazed giving each one a lovely shimmer. This piece is very different as I chose to also carve the outside edge fully connecting the decoration with the form.
All of my wall art pieces have a unique hanging system designed by myself which includes a D ring and four rubber clear feet so they are all ready to hang on your chosen wall. Each piece I create is unique and takes many hours to complete by hand.

This piece measures 21cm across / 0.5cm deep / MDF back 1cm deep / 397 grams
Only one available


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