My Story

As a small girl I spent every spare minute drawing. I grew up in central London with my mum brother & sister and a father who is an artist which made for an interesting childhood. 

At that time, we had no garden so with a passion and love for nature I escaped into my imagination and spent a lot of time in my bedroom copying images I loved, especially birds and fish.

My father is still a working artist now specializing in stone carving. During my childhood he explored many different mediums from wood, metal and print work with the constant being drawing.

I have strong memories of visiting his studio in Wapping and him rolling out a huge piece of paper which he then stapled to a wall. I was then left to my own devises to draw whatever I wanted. His studio felt huge and very cold but I remember all the sculptures up on plinths in different stages of completion.

We moved to the Isle of Wight when I was 11 which was very different. I enjoyed school and after finishing my A levels I went on to spend  five years at three different Art colleges in the south. It was during my time at Worthing that I discovered clay and I have never looked back. My home and studio are based in Dorset on Portland which has a very quiet and calm pace to life.

For me working with clay holds so many exciting possibilities from drawing to design, sculpture, science the list is endless.

I am passionate about what I do and creating is part of my very being.