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Red eyed tree frogs & heaven lotus tree wall art


Inspiration for this piece was taken from the incredible and bright Red eyed tree frogs which are native to central America Mexico and Columbia. These fogs live their lives in the trees and I chose a very distinctive flowers tree to place them in for this piece.

The frogs are a very accurate size in proportion to the size of the flowers on the Lotus tree. Scientific names are Agalychnis Callidryas and Gustavia superba
Every unique design has been created by hand with love, care and attention to detail.

This piece has been thrown on the wheel, left to slightly dry and then goes through many different techniques using drawing, carving, clay slips and sgraffito to create the intricate designs onto the damp clay surface, this takes many hours, and no two pieces will ever look the same.

Once completed the piece is left to dry and fired in an electric kiln during which I selectively glaze the main themes leaving the rest of the surface matt.

All of my wall art pieces have a unique hanging system which has been made from high quality MDF and attached using a clear araldite. The piece will arrive with this back already attached and has a D ring and 4 rubber feet for hanging on your wall.

Please do not hang over direct heat

This piece measures 26cm across / 0.5cm deep/ 1.5cm including back disc /783 grams


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